Saturday, February 6, 2010

oh yeah, it's happening ...

Two posts back to back, oh yeah, it's happening ... just go with it.

Just wanted to share my progress on the Logan TV stand project.  Last weekend for my birthday, the hubster bought me a table saw.  It was very much needed, since the cabinets were an issue.

I had to have them cut a total of 4 times.  The first time, they were too short.  My fault for not getting things cut as I went.  The second and third time, both Home Depot AND Lowes cut the cabinet doors "off" ... so one side was shorter than the other ... on BOTH cabinets.  I mean really ... how hard is it exactly to cut a square piece of wood or MDF for that matter?  Seriously!?

So, I took matters into my own hands last weekend and found a wonderful used table saw on Craigslist.  I cut my own gosh darn cabinet doors and they came out perfectly.  See, it's not that hard if *I* can do it!

Everything's been sanded and primed.  At this point, I just need to paint, cut the hole in the back for the cables to feed through, and put it in place.  I'd like to have this project 100% complete before the Super Bowl starts.  No, I don't watch football (I don't even know who's playing), but I do enjoy the commercials.  Anyone else?  Just me??

Anyway, here's a couple of snapshots of my progress as of almost 1 a.m. Saturday morning (yep, it really is that late - I'm going to bed now)!  Pay no attention to the crooked shelf in the middle, it's kinda just sitting there since it's still drying, the cabinet doors are just kinda sitting there too - not attached, just wanted to take the picture.



Ana White said...

Christy, I love this! When I look at that second photo, even with the doors leaning in place, I think, wow, someone went to Pottery Barn. Thanks so much for sharing. You sound just like me! I would love to brag about you!

Miss Wendy said...

Great job! There is no better feeling that replicating a higher priced piece for a lot less. It looks awesome!

Teresa said...

You are simply amazing! It is turning out to be beautiful! I can't wait to be at your house and have someome ask where you got it and you give your answer, "I MADE it myself!" I can't wait to see it all put together!