Friday, June 25, 2010

Better luck next time ...

Today hasn't been one of those "hit it out of the ball park" days as far as sewing goes ...

First, I was trying to follow a tutorial for one of the requested bee blocks for Mary, and let's just say I was losing my mind trying to figure out what I was supposed to be doing.  After a lot of cursing (thank the man upstairs that the kids weren't in the room), I decided that it would be best to send Mary her stuff back, as is, and let her finish the blocks.  I'm sad to say that she's getting a bunch of fabric scraps randomly sewn together and nothing looks remotely close to a log cabin block.

Then, I was trying to finish up the circles block for Lori - and as I was cutting the circles out, the rotary cutter got away from me and made three tiny slits into her background fabric, making it useless to me.  Ugh.  So, she's also getting her block back, unfinished ... sheesh.

Finally, I thought I would try to redeem myself by tackling a Henrietta turtle pin cushion, compliments of the Heather Bailey pattern I bought forever ago.  My Henrietta looks incredibly bloated.  In fact, her feet don't touch the ground.  I won't be posting a picture, don't ask.

It's been one of those days, full of sewing, but little accomplished.

I did manage to get this finished though:

And I hope that my partner for the Scrappy Pincushion Swap on Flickr enjoys it.  It was the only good thing to come out of my studio this morning.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Make sure you hug Dad and tell him that he's still cool.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Movie night quilts ...

Between school, and the projects I've got going on here at home, there's not much time for quilting, but I am slowly (ever so slowly) working on sewing projects too.

I'm still participating in a couple of bees.  One of them is soon to be finished, and then I'll just be in 2 bees.  Whew ...

I'm also participating in a couple of swaps.  One of which (the Pillow Talk Swap), I've already completed the work for that one ... my partner got her pillow and loved it!  Here's what I sent:

I'm also participating in the Scrappy Pincushion Swap, but I'm still brainstorming as to what I'll make for my partner there.  Unfortunately, there's no Flickr mosaic for inspiration, so I'm sort of winging it here. 

And, on top of those things, I'm working on 3 quilts.  We're trying to start a tradition of movie night at our house.  At first, I thought this might be a once a week thing, but with the pressure of school, summer camp (for big T), work for the hubster ... anyway, movie night has turned into a "when there's a spare moment" thing.  It's harder in the summer to get us all in one place to watch a movie.  Not to mention that as soon as the lights go down, so do my husband's eyelids.  I think he's probably seen 1 or 2 movies in his life, the rest were just opportunities for him to take a nap. 

Because of that, I thought it might be nice for each of us to have our own movie night quilt.  Something that reflected our personalities or what not, or just pretty.  So, I'm working on 3 quilts at random.  Luckily, 2 of those quilts have had a lot of help from the 2 bees that I'm in.  But the third quilt (for Big T), I think I'm going to do all on my own, sampler style.

I love sampler quilts, and when I saw that Amy was doing a quilt-along, I couldn't pass it up.  Here's a button to her blog with all the info you'll need if you decide to join along!  I think I'm going to use scraps for this ...

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Wanna win something cool?

I don't know why I'm sharing this news, because really, if you all signed up that hurts my chances of winning ... BUT, Amy is having an amazing giveaway where you have a chance to win a Go! Cutter!

Don't know what that is?  Head on over to her blog and check it out - the details and how to enter are there too.

Don't say I didn't ever do anything nice ...