Monday, December 7, 2009

A little "me" time ...

With everything that's been going on, I decided to declare yesterday a "me" day.

I spent some time in my studio. Organizing (a little bit), finding things, and testing out my machine's quilting abilities since I had to take it to the shop about a week ago ... gotta make sure that I remember what to do. ;o)

Anyway, I found enough of the quilt blocks that I had received from my group (A Piece of Work B) to complete a table topper. It was originally supposed to be a finished quilt for my bed, but I never made it that far and ended up stashing the blocks in the messed up studio as soon as they came in. Since they were scattered to the four corners, I have no idea who completed what, but the ones in this table topper are to die for!

I was able to piece the blocks together, quilt and bind this quilt all in about 8 hours. I'm so proud of myself!

As soon as I find the others (I know that there are at least a few), I have pillow plans.

So, no quilt again for my room this year, but at least my dining room table is ready for the holidays.