Sunday, February 6, 2011

Totally MIA

I wish that I could say that MIA was the name of a friend and we've been hanging out having a grand old time, but really, MIA means just that.




Or, lack of action.  In fact, I've pretty much gotten the house unpacked, but organized is a completely different story.  I've been going through so much stuff - figuring out what's staying, what's getting sold on Craigslist, what's going in what room - and my hours at work leave little time to get any amount of organizing accomplished. 

I am proud to say that the kids are now in their bedroom (shared), although Big T is without a bed at the moment (will be remedied on Wednesday).  The main bathroom is completely organized, although in a few weeks it will be completely gutted and redone.  And the dining room / living room is finished.  Although, I believe that my beautiful cream couches are now going to be a permanent shade of dirty cream.  I guess that's what slipcovers are for, right??

The kitchen, my bedroom, and the sewing area in the family room are the last few rooms that have yet to be tackled.  It's my reason for being SO late in my bees (yes, I am MONTHS behind in sewing blocks - so if you're in one of my groups and you're reading this, and I owe you a block - PLEASE be patient).  My goal is to be 100% moved in and organized by Easter.  Hey, I'm all about being realistic.  If I said next week, I KNOW it wouldn't get done.  Just sayin'.

I'll post progress, along with what I've been working on sewing related, soon.

For the record - Craigslist rocks.  If I could bring it home and introduce it to my folks, I would totally marry it!  I've been saving so much money buying stuff for the house (and selling crap I don't need) for weeks on Craigslist now!  It's been a lifesaver (and a wallet saver!!)