Friday, February 26, 2010

it's been a busy week ...

Even though I didn't manage to get Jen's block finished, and I didn't get to finish the side cabinets for the entertainment center, I still managed to get a lot done.  Grandma's quilt is completely finished.  That alone is a HUGE weight off of my shoulders.  I will blog about it tomorrow when I take better pictures of it ...

I also managed to get the "drapes" finished today.  Say hello to the new look:

We used to have valances covering the top of the sliding glass door.  It was okay, but still lacked in design and "oomph".  I went to Target and bought a nice double drapery rod and hooks (with clips), bought 5 sheer panels for $5 each, and spent $20 on 2 drop cloths which were washed, ironed, hemmed and hung.  So, all together I spent $132 for the new window treatments.  The rings with clips and the drapery rod were expensive (the rod was $40 because it's a longer rod).  However, what it's done for the room is beyond putting a price tag on it!

This is a nice shot too because you can see my new loveseat, there's a matching couch too - thanks Craigslist!  You can also see how well everything goes with the new end tables I built.  And of course I bought new lamps ... we call these the "bowling pin lamps" ... gee, I wonder why?

I could really use some inspiration to decorate the huge empty hole above the sliders.  I was thinking a vinyl wall quote, maybe some big barn stars ... I am open to suggestions here!

Oh, and there's Mocha, doing what she does best!  LOVE her!!

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