Saturday, September 29, 2012

I think I'm snapping out of it ...

I took a long hiatus, but I think I'm snapping out of it and I just might get back into this sewing thing after all ... Today I spent a large part of the day cleaning off an unused desk, dusting off my sewing machine, and hanging / organizing my thread ... that's a start.
I'm in need of some new cutting tools, so that's a trip to the craft store that I'm looking forward to.  For now, I'm planning ... and that's a good thing.  I'm trying to think of a nifty way to sort / organize my fabric.  A lot of it is still in boxes from when I moved - TWO YEARS AGO!    I'm thinking maybe an Ikea Expedit unit with cute vintage locker baskets?  What are you guys doing with your fabric?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Remember me?

Yep, it's been a hell of a long time ... too long in fact.  My life has taken some wicked turns in the last little while, but I'm finally coming out of that "dark place" and venturing back into life ... slowly but surely.

Today is my birthday, and my gift to myself was to get back into the hobbies that I love so dearly.  I managed to start going through my bins of fabric ... just feeling the cool cotton in my fingers and seeing all those beautiful patterns and prints that I fell in love with, just made me feel right back at home again. 

I found some blocks that I had started, and I found the old bee blocks that I owed (at least 2 of them).  Guess I better get on that this week.  I also found 8 of the blocks that I was going to turn into a king size quilt.  That's dead in the water ... something that I'll tackle when I have plenty of time on my hands again (too busy now).  I pulled them out though, and the thought of just packing them away again was too much to comprehend, so I sewed them together to make a table runner for my dining room table.  I'm going in a different direction as far as my bedroom goes anyway, so it doesn't hurt me so much that they won't be made into a bed quilt.

How do you guys do it?  How do you find time between working, raising kids, making dinner, doing laundry, taking care of the animals ... I feel like I'm drowning sometimes!  What are your secrets to pulling off domestic bliss??

Anyway, to those of you that are still following ... thank you!  I hope you don't mind seeing me again here and there ...