Tuesday, March 2, 2010

You are TWO!

I can almost remember every detail of the day that I gave birth to little M.  It was a day, just like today ... a little cloudy, a little cold, but beautiful just the same.  He came (finally) in the morning, after 16 hours of labor and a little bit of pushing.

Little M was loved instantly.  And here it is, 2 years later, and you still make us smile and make our hearts swell when we see that sweet little face.  And boy, what a personality you're getting!

Right now, your favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba.  You jump up and down (as best as you can) when it comes on.  You even sing along to the opening theme song.

You are a bookworm.  You can't read yet, but you could sure look at books for days and days and days.  Your favorite spot to "read" them, is tucked inside one of Mommy's Longaberger baskets.

You can count to 10, and have been for about 2 months now.

Your favorite letters are X, S, and W, because you push those letters constantly on your talking fridge phonics Leapfrog thingy.  Constantly.

You are all about Mommy, until the second that Daddy walks in the door.

You can tear up a room faster than anyone I know.

You yell at your big brother when he comes around for hugs and kisses, but he makes you laugh harder than anyone else can.  It's magic.

You're the best thing that ever happened to our little family of 3, and I'm so glad that you are the one that rounded us out to 4.  We love you Little M!


MaryLu said...

Now that is just sweet!! I have 4 boys, and 2 girls. And I know just how "in love" you can get. Happy Birthday Little M!!

Teresa said...

I remember that day too - all 16 hours of it because I was with you! I love beign a part of your life! Happy Birthday M and many more! Hugs...from your Auntie T!

Art Play with Chris said...

He is just too cute! And as cute as my little grandsons, so that's saying a lot!!!