Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little post I like to call ...

So, what's a girl to do while there's men working on fixing the studio and the craft bug bites?  Why, change something of course!

Little M went down for his nap and I began searching the house for something that's been on the "to do" list, but never actually got done.  Mission accomplished ...

I bought this clock at a thrift store AGES ago.  Case in point, the baby picture.  I put that picture in it when I bought it (it was a recent picture).  That kid is now 12.  Yeah ... time for an update.

First things first.  I filled the nail holes with wood putty.  I left some of the nicks and scrapes for "character".  Gave it a light sanding, then wiped it clean (then vacuumed it clean with the crevice tool since the layer of dust on it was just about jurassic).

I removed the picture from the bottom, covered and taped the top clock portion, and went to play in the garage with the spray paint.

Since I couldn't leave the house (there were guys working in the studio and the baby was napping, remember), I had to use what I had on hand.  Flat black will work.  I also sprayed a thin layer of poly for good measure (satin, because I hate shiny).

Let it dry outside since it's the perfect day for it - windy as all get out - brought it in after about an hour, popped a new picture in, which is only two years old, set the correct time and presto-chango!  New clock!

Not bad for about two hours worth of work and supplies that I had on hand, and I'm linking back to the Shabby Nest to share ...


Anonymous said...

Great idea for this clock!! You did good girl!


MaryLu said...

Wow! I love it! I never would have thought to paint it black. I have plenty of black painted wood things, but to see the beauty potential in hat clock is a gift. Good job!

Debbee said...

Nice job Christy!
It's the perfect frame (pun intended) for absolutely any picture you could ever use.
Timeless and incredibly "high-end" finish!