Sunday, May 9, 2010

What I did on Mother's Day ...

I had a fantastic Mother's Day.  Did you?

The hubster went out and got us all donuts for breakfast (which I didn't need, but absolutely loved).  I played with the kids for a little bit, then got to hide out in the studio for a big chunk of the day. 

See ...

What does this mess mean? 

The creative juices were flowing today and I made several sparkly things - most of which will show up in the shop this week (sporadically, mind you).  So, make sure that you check out my Etsy shop throughout the week, because I'll be adding things just about everyday.

My hope is that once I've tapped the juices on the jewelry train, I can put this tote away again for a long time and work on some more quilting.  I've been working on squares for bees, but not much for myself ... although I am slowly working on one of these.  I'd like to make a few table runners or pillow slipcovers to put in the shop too.

So, what did you do for your Mother's Day?

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Teresa said...

We took my mom out for breakfast, which means I got breakfast too and soon after, Mark went to work! He had asked me earlier in the week if we were doing anything because they were asking for volunteers to work overtime. Since I said no - he went to work, and I spent Mother's Day doing things around the house. Laundry, vaccuuming, cleaning... that fun stuff! :)