Thursday, May 27, 2010

I get by with a little help from my friends ...

I sent out the fabric yesterday for "Bee Addicted", since I'm now taking over June.  My idea was to have the girls do blocks for me based on Rita's block (pictured here).  However, what I failed to realize is that I suck at quilting math.

You might think that there's no difference, but oh yes there is!

I can add, subtract, multiply and divide about as good as the rest of you, but when it comes to seam allowances and things of that nature, I'm all of the sudden stupid.

You see, I sent out jelly roll strips of printed fabrics for the block, since they're already cut 2.5" wide.  I also sent out a 5" strip of Kona Bone for the solid.  What I didn't think of is that when you actually make the hst's (that's half-square triangles for you non-quilting peeps), your little square is no longer 2.5". 


What I am lucky for, is that someone in our group caught my little mistake before the fabric even got to anyone.  She's also a killer quilting math person!  (Hi Debbie!)  So, Debbie was able to make proper cutting measurements for all of us and this is the result:

A thing of beauty isn't it?

What it boils down to is that you're going to cut a total of 16 solid squares at 2" and 16 printed squares, also at 2".  Then, you'll cut a total of 16 solid squares at 2.5" and again, 16 printed squares at 2.5".

To begin, take your 2.5" squares (16 solid, 16 printed) and make your hst blocks.  I like to follow Rachel's instructions here.  What I did differently is press open my seams rather than to one side.  I figured that since there were going to be so many seams close together, it might help with the bulk.  When you've sewn, cut, and pressed your hst's, cut them down to 2".  Now they're the same size as the rest of your fabrics.

Once that's done, constructing the block is a breeze.  See ...

And here's the finished back:

What you end up with is a block that measures 12.5" unfinished, rather than the 16.5" unfinished block that Rita made. 

So, there it is, a mini-tutorial compliments of Debbie and her fine quilting math skills!


henny said...

Ah.., now I know and understand :)
Btw, how could you get so many followers in such a short time ? amazed!

britt said...

I love this block! Nice work on your seams, they look so lovely all pressed like that!