Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winner - a little bit late!

We had some toddler tantrums tonight, which totally took my mind off of the giveaway. 

As I was laying in bed, replaying the day's events in my mind, I realized that I had failed to choose a winner for the Mill House Inn honey bun strips!  Without further delay, I got up, logged in, and the random number generator chose the number THREE as the winner, which is Henny!

Henny also happens to be in one of the quilting bees that I'm in, so Henny is getting a nice little prize and I don't even have to bother her for her address (I already have it). 

So, congrats Henny - enjoy your prize!  And for the rest of you, stick around because with the studio remodel going on, I'm sure I'll find lots more crafty goodies to give away soon!


MaryLu said...

Boo for the temper tantrums, but YAY for Henny!!

henny said...

Thank a LOT, Christy!! Oh my...I'm so happy to be a winner, this is my first time :) I posted on my blog today.