Tuesday, September 1, 2009

so many crafts ... so little time!

I have been a craftin' fool the last few days.

Aside from sewing the yo yo's together for my pillow, and working on the "Merry & Bright" quilt (yes, I'm STILL not done - it's a LOT of work!!) ... I made some bookmarks, decorated a notebook for me to carry at school, and made myself some pretty jewelry.

Who says ADD is a disorder? I think I'm handling it well. ;o)

Now that I'm all crafted out, and the house is in perfect disarray, Little M gave me some friendly advice:

"Mom, it's time to get a shower, open the blinds and clean up this place! Oh, and fix my bed head, please."


Julian said...

Isn't he just the cutest baby!?!? Just wait until you her him say Mom-eeee or Da-eeee!

Miss Wendy said...

ADD is not a disorder in my book. It can be fun and crazy and oh so creative.... I'm just full of ideas that I can't seem to implement. So I have my crosses with it to bear.

Faye said...

wow christy, that baby is getting huge! your boys are so cute. and the eyes could stop you in your tracks! your so crafty im jealous.