Wednesday, September 9, 2009

one down ... several more gifts to go!

Yesterday I finally finished one of my handmade Christmas gifts for this year. (You might recognize the yo yo pillow from an earlier post ... well, here's mine in finished form.) This little beauty is going to a very special girl who's an honorary member of our family. Her mom has been one of my best friends since the 9th grade ... that's almost 20 years for those of you who are keeping count!

Her little Nut is about a year older than little M, and the last time we went to visit, they had a chance to play together. I thought it was only fair that little M snuggle the pillow one last time before it gets packaged up to go to the Nut's house. So, Nut, when you get this you might still smell a little pb&j on it ...

Oh, and little M made sure to point out which yo yo was his favorite. ;o)

Now that this is finished, I've only got about 6 more sewing gifts to complete.

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