Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This evening, I graduated from The Salon Professional Academy in Tampa as a full specialist.  It was a bittersweet event.  Good, because now it's finally over ... and sad, because now it's over.

As a graduation gift, my husband told me that he bought me one of these:

This little phrase is popping up all over our house.  I have it hanging in my studio, there's a postcard hanging on the fridge ... you get the idea.  I say it a lot too.  Whenever someone is having a bad day, life is throwing lemons our way, or just as an everyday little "pick me up" ... there's usually not a day that goes by without one of us saying this catchy little phrase.  It's only fitting that I should be wearing it around my neck too.

If you find you need one of these too, you can find the Etsy seller here.  She makes them in all kinds of colors.

And on another note, stay tuned and make sure you visit me on Friday.  I'll be updating with the giveaway information!     :o) 


henny said...

Congrat Christy!!
What a lovely gift you had :)

henny said...

Oh, so sorry Christy. I don't know why it appeared 3 times :(