Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Flora

I am loving school so far. The people there are great, the course seems easy enough, and I'm learning something new everyday. I also get to do crafty things ... I LOVE crafty things.

We're having a contest on Halloween based on fantasy makeup. I love a challenge. ;o) Anyway, we were each given heads to make all pretty for the competition. With this in mind, I'd like to introduce you to "Flora" ...

She's not the prettiest head I've seen, but I hope to fancy her up a lot over the course of the month. Today was day one. I took her outside and spray painted her a nice, creamy ivory color. She's currently perched on my nightstand getting an "air bath" by way of my fan. I hope she dries out, I'm so anxious to paint her.

Obviously, all things quilted have taken a back seat for the time being. With the demands of school, and all the things I have to make for Christmas, well, my own fun has been put on the back burner. Oh well, at least I'm still making pretty things.

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