Friday, July 31, 2009

Merry & Bright

I've decided to join another quilt-along.

Why yes, I am crazy act

Apparently, my need to quilt trumps my desire to keep a spotless house. I've heard that a spotless house is a sign of a wasted life anyway, so I think I'm doing a good job
of living on the edge. ;o)

So, here's a sneak peek at the quilt I call "Merry & Bright". It s
hould be finished in a week or two and will be put into the Etsy shop. We just don't need anymore quilts here, in Florida, during the summer.

And if you think you're up to joining the quilt-along, you can find us by clicking on the logo.

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ItsT said...

I like the new "look" for your site! And I could read how you write forever. Of course, WHAT you write is neat and just as creative as you are so.... (hey, I ended it on purpose with 'so') SEW BUTTONS! Anyway, speaking of buttons, help me to figure out what I should do with those little paperclips ok? Thanks!